There really is no formal system for our judging.  No fancy rating system or anything like that, just three Business guys giving their overall opinion about each place. You may or may not see us use some sort of star rating system.  If we do it will likely be based on a 5 star system.  In some cases however we may not use a star system at all. Some of the categories we will be watching….

What is the place like when we walk in the door.  Is it fancy, welcoming, feel like home, feel like a dive or what.  Does it have character or is it boring?

This may or may not be a factor giving a place a better review.  Some places in town really just serve food, others have food and great service.  Doesn’t really matter to us either way.

We want to know what thier “BEST” thing is.  That is what we are going to order.  We could care less about presentation or appearance but we do value TASTE!


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