The Restaurants

This list is what we come up with of local spots that fit the Dive, Diner, Cafe, Greasy Spoon type restaurants in Springfield.  Some are nicer than others and some are just down right a DIVE! We wanted places that have been in business at least 5 years or longer and were locally owned.  No franchises or new comers, just local places that have seemed to stand the test of time.  We may add or drop some from this list, who knows? It’s our list and we can do what we want with it.

Ali’s Family Restaurant
Antons Coffee Shop
Aunt Martha’s Pankcake House
Big Easy Grill
Buckinghams Smokehouse and BBQ
Casper’s Chili
Cedars Café
College Street Café
Crosstown BBQ
Gailey’s Breakfast Café
Maple Inn Breakfast
Peking House
Route 66 Café
Pizza House
St. Georges BBQ
Sub Shop
Taylors Drive-In
Thai Peppers
Tortallias Perches
WF Cody’s

If you think you know of a place we should add to our list, let us know.  Just post a comment below.


3 responses to “The Restaurants

  • Russell

    Look forward to the results….

  • Dave Hart

    Really interesting project. Very well composed.

  • Harry King

    You’ve got to go to the VFW Post 3406 at the corner of N. National and Altantic for breakfast. They have some of the best bisquits and gravey I’ve ever had. The eggs and whatever meat you decide upon is cooked the way you like it also. Service is great, coffee is good, always someone to talk to. Guys you’ve got to try it–let me know and I’ll meet you there because I’m a fan of GUYS Diners Drivends and Dives !

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