Big Easy Grill

We were not able to find much history on this little unique Springfield restauraunt other then what we found on “Owner, Hank Visio is a Louisiana native who listened to his friends when they told him he needed to start a restaurant. Since he opened the Big Easy Grill, people can have his Cajun recipes any time.”
We did ask the waitress how long Big Easy Grill had been in operation and she said about 6 years.  So it fit out credentials.

Big Easy Grill
3027 E. Sunshine
Springfield, MO
(417) 832-0040
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Monday-Saturday: 11am-9pm
Established 2005?

View of Kitchen

What We Ordered:
Chris Russell: Jambalaya (Medium) and Drink $11.03
Jeff Widmeyer and Kent Kelso: Creole Chicken Pasta, Crawfish Etofee, 1/2 Oyster Po Boy, Cup of Jambalaya and Two Drinks: $34.17


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Food-4.5 Stars: I was probably the most excited out of the bunch to eat at Big Easy Grill.  I love Jumbalaya but it’s hard to find here in town.  I ordered the Medium but the Hot would have been just fine.  I think with Jumbalaya, the hotter the better actually. Plenty of flavorful sausage, the rice was not overcooked and the portion was good.   I did have some of the Crawfish Etofee and it was FANTASTIC!

Atmosphere-2 Stars:
 As a marketing guy, I really think Big Easy Grill is missing a HUGE opportunity here.  There is no other place in town serving Cajun food.  We all have our visions or ideas of what Cajun land is like (some better than others).  I would really work hard to make the atmosphere a bit more “Cajuny” (for lack of a better term) and at least have some music playing and maybe some better decor.

Service-2 Stars:
There really is no service.  You order your food up front and then find your own place to sit.  You  get your own drinks and then someone brings you your food.  Now this setup is not always bad.  But for me a restaurant like this, I am BEGGING for someone to take care of me.  Especially at $11.32 for lunch.  Bonus, no need for a tip.

Overall 3.5 Stars:  
I liked the food and will go back.  I would like to try the Gumbo and a Po Boy for sure.  Price is a bit high but again but that did not seem to slow people down, there was a steady line the entire time we were there.  If you are looking for something different, try Big Easy Grill and let me know what you think!

Complimentary Bread

Chris's Jumbalaya

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Food-4 Stars: Pleasant surprise for me. I am not a hot or spicy food guy at all. I had Pasta creole with chicken. $9.95 is a pricey lunch, but I did get a ton of it. Full of flavor, just a wee spice kick, and very large chicken chunks. The sampler dish I got with Kent had crawfish–no thanks! Not made for me. Reminded me too much of catching crawdads at Fassnight Park.

Service-3 Stars:  They were packed with some standing room only at times. One girl never left the register, leaving only one to service the whole dining area. She did a good job but I couldn’t even tell you her name. Part of service is being able to socialize.

Atmosphere-3 Stars: And that’s only because of the fake alligators and things along a shelf in front of the cooks. Other than that, to me there was no atmosphere at all pertaining to the “Cajun” or Louisiana feel. But that didn’t stop the place from being packed at lunch.

Creole Chicken Pasta

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The Big Easy is a little bit of Bourbon Street here in the Queen City, at least from a culinary point of view. This is definitely the Best Cajun food in the Springfield Metro at the present time. The atmosphere is OK the service is less than stellar; HOWEVER; the food is worth the human shortfalls. The atmosphere is a 3 Stars and the service a 2.5 Stars

The Crayfish Ettoffe is excellent, the Jambalaya is also first rate, the Oyster Po’ Boy and remoulade is great too! The hard crusty bread and garlic butter is wonderful; all in all it was a great gastric experience. I give the food a strong 4.5 Stars. I would have given it a 5, but, I visited previously and again after the fact at night and the Ettoffe was BETTER, Creamier and more flavorful when made by the evening cook vs. the afternoon, they need to work on their consistency. Perhaps the evening chef should make the roux for the next day.

The restaurant is clean and the bath room was well stocked as well rating 4 RK Stars.

The Big Easy should absolutely be on your list of venues to frequent if you like Cajun or even a good old fashioned Po’ Boy Sandwich, it’s worth the trip to east Sunshine.


Oyster Po-Boy

Side Cup of HOT Jumbalaya


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