Casper’s Chili

Casper’s dates back to 1909 when Casper Lederer started serving chili from the back of his fruit stand. This genuine Springfield tradition started way back then not too far from their current location cooking on a Garland Stove (which they still do today). Caspers then moved to Glenstone and Seminole near Martha’s Pancake House. Then 26 years ago they moved to this little Quanset Hut where they are still today. Casper’s has been owned by a three people; Casper Lederer, his son Charles Lederer who used to be also known for his wood cut prints and the current owner Belinda Harriman who keeps the tradition alive by serving chili, chili dogs, hamburgers and other good greasy but tasty foods to the Ozarks. Casper’s definitely fits the term DIVE! For another great review on Casper’s check out this story: Click Here

Casper and Wife in front of original location on Walnut Street.

Casper’s Chili Parlor
601 W. Walnut
Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 866-9750
Click Here for Map
Hours: 10:30am-4pm
Closed Summers
No Website
No Facebook
Established 1909

Wall Menu

Jeff's Two Coneys

What We Ordered:
Jeff: Two Coney’s with Cheese and a Drink $8.88
Chris: Super Ham and Egg with Onion, Pickle and Mustard and Carrot Cake $8.92
Kent: Double Whammy with Onions, Ham n Cheese Sandwich and Drink $9.39

Jeff Widmeyer: Facebook –

Food 4 Stars: It’s chili in so many ways! A simple yet adequate flavor, served plain or as dressed up as you want. It’s already spilled over the side of the bowl or plate by the time it gets to you. I had a sampling of their ham & cheese sandwich and really liked it as well. Burgers are served and our waitress said they are really good. You can also get white beans and cornbread on Friday’s (daily special). There are also several dessert options available. Plenty of crackers and frito’s to nibble on.

Service 5 Stars: Our server was a friend from high school. Karla is still an amazing people person and did a fantastic job. Easy 5 for me.

Atmosphere 5 Stars:-I was surprised to find out this hasn’t been their only location, but at 102 years old who knew! A one of a kind visual display of “art” and items that I doubt you’ll find anywhere else. Plenty to look at and talk about. And the customers hugging the workers–that’s atmosphere for me!

Friday White Beans and Cornbread Special

Chris Russell: Facebook –

Food 5 Stars: First I am not a chili fan at all and never have been. I have caught more flack from this my friends and family so I was a bit nervous about going to Casper’s and finding something I liked. But a friend of mine (Jerry Vaughn-Murney Associates) told me I had to try the Ham Sandwiches when I went. So I did and WOW was it greasy, thick and full of flavor. Our waitress, Karla said to go Super so I did which meant adding an egg. I can still taste the flavor. It really was good. Not much to go with it other than some Fritos but still, absolutely delicious. I really want to try a hamburger sometime. I also had some dessert. They don’t make desserts there but the it was still FANTASTIC. I had carrot cake and it was good, but nothing I can’t find anywhere else in town.

Service 5 Stars: Jeff knew the waitress but I don’t think it would have mattered. She was fantastic and deserved every bit of the 25% tip I left. I could also see the other waiter in there which I hear has been there for 23 years. He was a hustler too and did a great job.

Atmosphere 6 out of 5 stars: It is exactly what you expect out of a quirky little “hut” place. Very wierd, unique, detailed and colorful. Almost too much to take in but I did like it alot. Take some time and really look around. You will be glad you did… FYI: It only seats 30 or so, kind of small place.

Overall 5.5 Stars out of 5: Again, the type of restaurant you can only find in one place in America and Springfield happens to have it. The way I understand it, Charles (Casper’s son) was the free spirited 60’s and 70’s Hippee who sort of molded the decor that Belinda has kept going. Make sure and check out the bathroom!

Chris's Super Ham Sandwich

Kent Kelso: Facebook –

Food 3 Stars: Ok I have to admit, this Dive was better than I was expecting. I had the Chili Cheese Burger and it was pretty good. It was more than ample quantity and the flavor was fine, needed a little salt; however; otherwise pretty good. The Chili which they are so famous for was, I hate to say, was just ok. Don’t get me wrong, it was not bad; it just was not great for a Chili Joint. If the experience ended there I would give the food 2 stars. The good new is, Jeff and I decided to split a Ham and Cheese sandwich that was Excellent, juicy, flavorful without any condiments, a real joy to devour! The next time I go toCasper’s I will pass on the chili and will go straight for the Ham Sandwich: due to it, the food was elevated to 3 stars! I, unlike my compadres was unimpressed with their Carrot Cake.

Service 5 Stars: The Service and atmosphere was Excellent! Our server rocked and the joint was clean and very quaint in a real Andy Warhol sort of way! I give the Service 5 Stars.

Atmosphere 3.5 Stars: Ray Kroc would have been very confused, but, all in all, the bathroom matched the rest of the twisted interior and was basically clean and functional.

Overall: Everything considered, I enjoyed the experience, not a place I will frequent often; however; definitely worth an annual pilgrimage.

Kent's Double Whammy

Golden Boy Pie's Carrot Cake (Imported from KC)

Two regular bowls of Chili


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