Coyote’s Adobe Cafe & Bar

Coyote's Sign on Glenstone

History: Coyote’s Adobe Cafe was established on January 22, 1992 modeled after sports taverns in St. Louis and other large markets.  The owners David and Karen Bauer hope you will feel comfortable brining your family or just hanging with friends.  Coyote’s is most famous for its wings winning countless awards at local “Wing” competitions for many years.  They also like to brag about their burgers and prime rib.  During the work week, you can take advantage of the fajita bar and pizza.  After 19 years and two locations and rumors of a third coming to Kimberling City, it’s tough to imagine not including Coyote’s on our site.  We decided to review the original location on S. Glenstone.

Info: Coyote’s Adobe Cafe
1742 S. Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 889-7120
Since 1992

What We Ordered:
Chris: Lunch Buffet, Split Wings and Tea
Kent: Lunch Buffet, Split Wings and  Coke
Jeff: Lunch Buffet, Split Wings and Drink
About $15.00 Each

Wings: On the buffet they had Honey BBQ and Buffalo.  We ordered an additional 10 Wings of the Twice Fried Cajun and Rooster Wings after asking our waitress for her advice.

Coyote's Famous Wings

Little Blurry-But Here are Your Judges

Jeff Widmeyer:
Atmosphere- 2.5 Stars: Nothing special, nothing too bad.  Looks like they are going to expand and have a nicer place for meeting and events.  This might help.  It really is a bar atmosphere but OK for casual business lunches.  In fact, there was an advertising business lunch meeting going on right beside us the whole time!
Food-4 Stars:  Wide variety of wings-we tried 4 flavors, from sweet to hot.  All were good.  Also a daily lunch buffet with everything from pizza to wings to burritos to brisket, salad and even dessert. Quality is fine but the options provided you is greater than most, thereby earning the 4 from me.
Service-2 Stars:  Just OK, she wasn’t awesome, but she wasn’t too bad. Can’t even remember her name though, so I have to go 2 here. We all like to conversate and she did the minimum required to get her job done. Perhaps the beer drinkers get better service?

Chris Russell:

Atmosphere-5 Stars:  There is no doubt it has a great local sports bar feel to it.  The TV’s are a bit dated but otherwise, a real nice feel to it.  I like seeing all the different awards they had received.
Food: I am breaking this down between the wings and the buffet.
Wings-4 stars:  The wings on the buffet were a bit dry and a little too saucy but the wings served were good but still a bit dry.  I did enjoy the four different flavors including the hot.
Buffet-1 star:  Not happy at all.  Other than the dessert bite I had, the rest was rather bad.  The catfish was not eatable, the bbq brisket was cold and no flavor.  The fajita meats were soft and chewy (fresh from the microwave), the flour totilla shells were hard and dry.  The list goes on.  Next time, order wings and something off the menu.  Maybe one of their burgers they say they are famous for.
Service-3 Stars: Just like Jeff, adequate.  She really had no idea about the history of the place or much about the wings.  Compared to some of the other Dives and Diners in town where the wait staff really cares about you being there, our waitress did just enough to get a normal tip.
Overall: Wings, Beer and maybe a burger, sure but not a place I say to my friends “Hey, lets go to Coyote’s and watch the Cardinals.” For one, I want to watch the big game on a nice TV!

Kent Kelso:

Food: This is a pretty straight forward review. The food on the Fajita Buffet was OK and the Wings we tried were decent. I have had worse wings and I have had much better. I give the Buffet 2 Stars and the Wings 3 Stars, averaging 2.5 Stars.
Service:  It was fine, fairly attentive, but, nothing special, 3 Stars.
Atmosphere:  Also adequate clean and not too smoky, 3 .5 Stars.
Overall:  All in all a pretty average experience that if a group of friends wanted to go back I would; however; it would not be at the top of my list to race back too soon, “sorry”.  I will give them 5 R.K. Stars for the Bathroom, it was Immaculate!

Complimentary Chips and Salsa were Good!


3 responses to “Coyote’s Adobe Cafe & Bar

  • Jerry & Nancy Reveal

    Had one noon lunch at buffet. Tasted stale, was sick all afternoon following, (2008). Haven’t returned.
    Respectfully, Jerry

  • Steve

    Thanks for your honest reviews of this “restaurant.” Go for the wings, which are still usually very good (depending on which flavor you get) or MAYBE for a burger. Avoid EVERYTHING ELSE on the menu or buffet. Otherwise, you’ll be severely disappointed, or actually physically ill.

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