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View from Division


Crosstown is another one of our local Springfield legends.  The history is well documented at the restaurants website (CLICK HERE) but if that is not good enough for you then you can ask the original owners (Jess Williams) son Steve Williams who is there just about everyday.  He will be glad to tell  you all sorts of stories.   The original building was remodeled a few years ago so it could seat more but the original smoker is still in the same spot and still in operation.  Any town in the US is lucky to have a place like Crosstown BBQ.  They have stood the test of time and still serve us today.

View of Kitchen and Original Smoker

Crosstown BBQ
1331 E. Division
Springfield, MO
(417) 862-4646
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Monday-Saturday: 11am-9pm
Facebook: CLICK HERE
Established 1970
Drive Thru

Family Pack

What We Ordered:
Crosstown’s Legacy Family Pack-Special for $34.95
1 1/2 lbs of Sliced Smoked Meat of your Choice (we chose Pork and Brisket)
1 Slab of Ribs
2 Pints of Sides-BBQ Sauce, Bread or Buns (Fries and Beans for us)


Jeff Widmeyer: Facebook – EMAIL

Food-4.5 Stars:
 If some of the pork and brisket had not been just a wee tad dry, it would have been 5. Real good smoked flavor ribs. We  ordered some feast ensemble that fed three grown men. Ribs, pork, beef brisket, beans, fries, and bread. Steve’s (owner) mild sauce was sweet and smoky. Good stuff.

Service-5 Stars: Again, I know her name but I just can’t recall it. Many of you will know because she worked at twilight for a long time! We told her our wishes and she knew exactly what to order. She was right. The fries were taking a little longer than she wanted so she apologized like it was her fault. She made sure we had plenty of napkins and drinks.

Atmosphere-5 Stars. Steve the owner was there telling stories to other customers and we blended in to the conversation. Next thing you know, it’s like an hour later and we’re still talking! He has some great historical pictures of various old Springfield eating places. along with family pictures. Good food and good conversation.

Close up of the Ribs

Chris Russell: FACEBOOK  EMAIL

Atmosphere 5 Stars
: I wanted to start off with atmosphere this time because I absolutely loved it.  The second you walk in, you feel like this is going to be a good place to eat! The smell is good you feel like you could just swallow the air and feel full.  The decor the enlightens the walls is a combination of local media reviews, other past and present dives and diners, pictures of the owners kids excelling in sports and so on.  The atmosphere here is well worth a visit just itself!

Service 5 Stars: We had this lady waitress who was a seasoned pro in our town (as Jeff stated) and it showed.  I said to her, “Maam, we want some ribs, some brisket and some pork, what can you do for us?”  Before we even agreed to what she was about to say she was ripping the menu from our hands because she knew  she had the perfect menu choice for us..the Family Legacy Pack.  We all agreed.  To me a small place like this needs service like this.  We have seen it at the Pizza House, Taylors, Caspers, Route 66 (sort of) and now Crosstown.

Food-Overall 4 Stars: First off, if some of you know me, you know I think I am officially one of the worlds self-proclaimed greatest BBQ chefs EVER!  I love to cook chicken, ribs, smoked pulled pork, steaks and so on.  So I was going to be tough on Crosstown and maybe just a little too critical on the pork and brisket.

Smoked Beef Brisket-Sliced 3 Stars:  I know it is probably tough for Steve to cook up fresh brisket every day for a small place like this, so if this was left over and re-heated then I understand the dryness of the brisket.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of flavor/seasonings on the outer-skin.  To me, the brisket it the tests of all tests.  You get it right you can cook anything.  In my opinion to get it right, sliced smoke beef brisket should be able to be eaten with absolutely NO BBQ sauce whatsoever and this was just not the case on this day.

Smoked Pork Loin-Sliced  3 Stars:  I can make a really good Smoked Bone-In Boston Pork Butt and I was hoping this is what we were going to get when we ordered the pork.  Instead we were served sliced pork loin.  Little easier to cook as you only have to get it to about 165 degrees instead of the 195 it takes to finish a Boston Butt correctly so this may be why they choose this instead of pulled pork.  Honestly, the pork was just ok too.  Plenty of smoke flavor but lacked any moisture whatsoever.  Very dry.  Again, needed sauce to make it enjoyable.

Smoked Pork Ribs 5 Stars: I have to admit I really liked the ribs.  I usually am a BBQ Sauce rib guy.  Sometimes Dry Rubbed ribs can be tough to get right or can be overcooked very easily.  This batch of ribs we had this day were absolutely FANTASTIC.  As a matter of fact, writing about them just reminds me of how good they really were.  Plenty of moisture, plenty of smoke flavor and the outside rub was perfect.   Well done Crosstown! My big black lab Buck enjoyed the bones too!

Sides 5 Stars: Beans were really really good, fries were good and the BBQ Sauces were good too both the hot and mild and the hot was not all that hot.

Overall 4.5 Stars: AWESOME! Loved the place.  Maybe on a day where the brisket and pork come right out of the smoker my opinion may be a bit different but overall really did enjoy Crosstown BBQ.  Find a day and drive to Division and National and have lunch with not only a legendary Springfield Restaurant but also with some really GREAT people!

Aftermath of when Three Grown Men Devour some BBQ

Kent Kelso: Facebook –

Someone please tell Kent to get his reviews to me so I can make him famous on this little website!

Steve Williams (owner) and Kent Kelso

Pictures of other Past and Present Springfield Restaurants

Wall of News Articles Featured in Local Media

View of Sitting Area

Drive-Thru Menu

Must have HICKORY!


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