Pappy’s Cafe

Chris, Kent and Jeff Standing in front of Old Pappy's

Pappy’s is one of those places where you either know exactly where it is or you have never even heard of it.  It has a storied history in Springfield serving as a grocery store in the 1920’s then as a cafe for the the old St. John’s building that sits next to it later on.  Pappy’s is the oldest business to have a beer by the drink license stemming from the 1930’s just after prohibition.  It officially became the Pappy’s as we know it today in 1971 and has been serving SGF ever since.

Pappys in 1954; The building was built in 1903 and became a restaurant in 1924...Courtesy of "I Like Pappy's" Facebook

Pappys in 1933; then known as George Bills Cafe. First Beer License in Springfield after prohibition. Courtesy of "I Like Pappy's" Facebook


Pappy’s Cafe
943 N. Main
Springfield, MO
(417) 866-8744
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Established 1971

What We Ordered:
Jeff Widmeyer: Combo Sandwich Pulled Pork and Ham with Fries
Kent Kelso: Daily Special (Large Pulled Pork Sandwich) with Fries
Chris Russell: Daily Special (Large Pulled Pork Sandwich) with Fries and had them add some cole slaw on top.
Shared: A Full Rack of Ribs
Dessert: Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich

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Food-5 Stars:
 If you are like me and get tired of going to places where you get exactly 3.5 oz of meet, 6 French Fries and one pickle then you are going to love PAPPY’S.  I think the cooks (who knows what they look like) take a big spoon and throw your portion on your bun and MAN “O” MAN is it good!  Greasy, big, tasty, smokey… it has it all! The RIBS….were absolutely amazing too! I mean juicy, tender yet firm and full of FLAVOR! Do yourself a favor and just order the daily special and you will be more than satisfied.  Then she said I just had to try the Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich.  Homemade chocolate chip cookie with ice cream sandwiched in between.  Perfect touch to a great BBQ meal.

Service-5 Stars:  We were fortunate to have Mitzy (the owner) that day as our server and bartender.  She was fun, energetic and you could tell she loved the place.  Food was prepared rather quickly and we didn’t have to wait long at all.

Atmosphere-5 Stars: As dives go, this fits the definition.  WARNING… it is a bit dirty and grungy but I think that just adds to the overall experience.  Truth is, I really don’t want to know what the kitchen looks like.  Interesting bit of history throughout the place but it’s rather small which again I think is GREAT!  They even have an outside area/patio where you can play a game of Washers (which I kicked Jeff’s tail in a quick game).

Overall-5 Sars:  I had been to Pappy’s prior to this visit and it was exactly as I remembered it.  I just love places like this and recommend it to anyone anytime.  But again… it is 100% a DIVE!

Bun off and added a little BBQ Sauce

Love these Ribs!

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Good Stuff!

Food-5: wow! the biggest platter of ribs I’ve seen in a long time. And the smoke flavor throughout was delicious. Tender, meaty, fall off the bone ribs. Along with my pulled pork sandwich, topped with a slice of fried ham. I almost forgot about the fries on my plate because I couldn’t eat them too!

Service-5:  Mitzi? was awesome. She told us exactly what we wanted–and she was right.  Very personable and did amazing handling the whole lunch crowd herself. She was there when you needed her.

Atmosphere-5:  This felt like you were eating over at a friends house. Casual, open, friendly, we even went out back and played a couple games of ?”rings”?. It was fun and you feel like you can bring the whole family and stay awhile. The Decor is unique and fun.

Jeff's Pulled Pork and Ham Sandwich

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich

MItzi the owner, sporting a Pizza House T-shirt (another local favorite dive)

The "Smoker"

The Patio-Live Music on Saturdays


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