Pizza House

HISTORY: We determined which restaurant on our list would be first by simply pulling a name out of hat.  That restaurant happened to be a Springfield favorite, Pizza House.  Established in 1958 by Dorthy “Dee” Smith on S. Glenstone, in 2008 they were forced to move due to some zoning issues.  Now located at 312 E. Commercial Street, this location allows for even more character.  Dee Smith retired 8 years ago and now Stacy Schneider has taken over and is doing a fantastic job.  Dee always said that a good pizza only had 4 ingredients.  That tradition continues today with one of the fan favorites being a 4 meat pizza.


What We Ordered: 4 Meat 13″ Thin Crust Pizza (Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon and Hamburger), 13″ Thin Crust Cheese Pizza, Three Side Salads (the owner brought out a complimentary side of cheese for the salads), One Coke and Two Waters.

Costs: (before tip) $27.26
Date and Time We Reviewed: March 11, 2011 Lunch Time
Info: Pizza House
312 E. Commercial
Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 881-4073
Side Note: Pizza House only accepts Cash. No checks or cards.


Kent Kelso
Let me preface this by saying I am absolutely NOT a fan of extremely thin crust St. Louis style pizza; however; Pizza House is an exception to my rule. If you share my lack of enthusiasm for “Low Profile Pies” yet have a family who enjoys them, fear not, I have found your answer!

Since I started with the food let me say that this is the best “L P P” in town! The Cheese is perfectly baked, golden brown on top an evenly melted throughout. The 4 Meat was also perfectly prepared and the crusts of both were as close to a charcoal oven flavor and crispness without the benefit of the prepubescent diamonds. I give this L P P 4 stars!

The atmosphere and service were both excellent and “Campy” which may have been due to the pleasure we had of being served by the owner Stacy who bought the local icon eight years ago after their relocation to Commercial Street from South Glenstone. She was a joy and dished out healthy servings of “friendly sarcasm at no extra charge” (her quote); fun is to be had by all! Ray Kroc (of McDonald’s fame) said the most important part of a great restaurant experience is CLEAN BATHROOMS! They get 5 Ray Kroc (R. K.s) stars as a bonus. Atmosphere gets 4 stars and Stacy or ugh service gets 5 stars.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience I am giving it a solid 4.5 stars. Good food, service, atmosphere and clean restrooms, R. K. would be proud!

Jeff Widmeyer
Atmosphere-3.5–nice use of an old building on commercial street. Really liked the jukebox although you didn’t hear where we sat. Also liked the old old cigarette machine. Just a touch of age to it all.

Service-4-we were lucky enough to have the owner wait on us. She was quick, efficient, and at what 1st seemed like  a “hurried” attitude was really her humor, and that was good. She told us what we would like and she was right.

Food-got to go 5-might be too easy since this was our first place, but I like pizza and I’ve tried LOTS of pizza, and I like thin crust, but since this was thin and soft I REALLY was surprised and impressed. No cracker crunch. The cheese pizza had great cheese flavor, while the 4 meat pizza was just the right number and mixture to taste each topping and not get too overran. I also like a plain or basic side salad and I got just what I ordered.

I will be back with the family soon. 2 big thumbs up from me.

Chris Russell
Atmosphere: 4 Stars.  I loved the look of the place from the second we walked in.  Even though they have only been there for 3 years, they have done a good job of making it feel like they have been there even longer. I really enjoyed the artwork, the “Bar” area, the vinyl seats, old napkin holders and the feel.

Service: 4.5 Stars. We were very lucky, the owner, Stacy Schneider happened to be our server.  This was a hoot.  This girl was absolutely full of character and charisma.  She was onery but fun.  It was fun talking to her about the history of the place.  Our cups were a little slow getting refilled but not enough for me to worry about.

Food: 3 Stars. The pizza was good, no doubt.  Was it the best thin crust I have ever had?  That is debatable.  Definitely one of the top 3 in town.  The salad was fine, nothing too fancy about it.  I did enjoy my lunch and we had more than enough for three guys.

Overview: When it comes to a Springfield original, there is nothing more original than Pizza House.  I loved the owner and she really made our visit fun.  The food was good and the atmosphere is fantastic.  It is on Commercial street which is a bit of a drive from the south side but more than worth it.  There are even some nice flea markets and junk stores to visit afterwards.  I can see Pizza House possibly being on my top 10 list for sure.


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