Tortilleria Perches

Chris and Jeff

History: This is the definition of locally owned, hole in the wall type place.   Humberto Jesus Perches and his family started this small restaurant in 2006.  His mom (who still works there along with his sister and another long time employee) helped develop their unique taste by crossing her Chihuahua and Durango Mexican culture into their menu.  But here is the cool thing, this is half store half restaurant.  In addition to a great lunch, you can also get authentic Mexican treats and soda.  Including Coca-Cola made with real sugar.

But the one thing they are  really know for is their home made tortillas and chips.  They make 5000 daily for some very popular restaurants in Springfield as well as their own store (you can buy some for home too for just a few bucks).  The big machine sits right there in the kitchen for visitors to check out, however you will have to get their pretty early in the day to see them actually make the tortillas.   Jesus also told us the Food Channel has contacted them about doing a feature special on TV about their place.  Also he mentioned the possibility of expanding to his North side and adding adult beverages.

Piñatas for Sale

Main Menu

Tortilla Machine

What We Ordered:
Chris: 3 Carnita (Pork) Taco’s and 1 Fish Taco-Total $5.30 (.99 Taco Tuesday)
Kent: Guacamole and Homemade Chips and Salsa, Carnita Burrito, Lengu (Tounge) Taco, Discada (Pork, Chicken and Beef) Taco.  Not sure on price because Kent also bought lunch for two soldiers there that day too.
Jeff: 1 Discada Taco, 1 Carnita Taco, 1 Barcacoa Taco-$3.17
Date and Time: 12pm on March 15, 2011 (Lunchtime)
Info: Tortilleria Perches
1601 W. Sunshine Suite M
Springfield, MO
(417) 864-8195
Elfindale Center Shopping Center on the East Side
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm

Jeff and Kent Ordering


Chris's Carnitas (Pork) and Fish Taco's

Chris Russell
Atmosphere: 5 Stars This screams Mexican culture.  Even the yellow walls left over from the previous tennant (Subway) add to the overall appearance and feel.  I love seeing the tortilla making machine in the kitchen.  The place is tight and small but I think it really helps.   Also, the additional Mexican items for sale hanging around make it feel more authentic and having traveled to Mexico it feels like you are in a Mexican little restaurant.
Service: 4 Stars You don’t have a waiter or waitress, but you are greeted with a smile and everyone is very friendly.  The food is prepared quickly and brought to your table.  You do get your own drinks but that really is not a big deal at all.  The owner is really outgoing and loves to talk about his restaurant.  Ask him about the tortilla making process.
Food: 4.5 Stars  I am a huge fan of their Carnitas.  Even though I should try other things, its hard for me to even consider anything else.  Carnitas are basically pulled pork.  I LOVE em.  However, I hear their soups are really good too. The homemade Guacomole is good but the homemade chips are a bit tough for me.  I like them but like other Mexican restaurant chips a bit better.
Overview:  I really like this place… alot! It has a great feel to it, the food is good, it’s locally owned and the owners are just great people.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  It definitely fits the “DIVE” definition but in a very positive way.  And seriously, how can you beat TACO TUESDAY? 99 Cent Tacos all day!

Kent's Meal

Kent Kelso
WOW, now that’s what I’m talking about! Real Mexican, Real Good and Really well presented as “Street Food” should be, without fanfare but with a clean, concise delivery that is easy to eat easy on the wallet and even easier to enjoy!

Being from East Los Angeles, this is a little taste of heaven with all the flavors I love from my childhood; thank you Jesus (the owner not my LORD) and Maria (his mother) for delivering such a wonderful product with so much love!

I love the the way Maria blended the flavors of the Mexican States of Durango and Chihuahua and threw in a few costal favorites as well! Her husband was from the northern Mexico State of Durango which is an agricultural, ranching area (Caballeros “Cowboys” abound) and she came from the next state to the North, Chihuahua which is an industrial center of north central Mexico. The most obvious tribute to her husband’s heritage is her superior execution of Discada a mixed meat dish of beef, sausage, bacon and ham cooked in a Plow or Disk pan of Iron; very earthy and flavorful!

Her Carnitas (“Little Meats” ) burrito is the benchmark of any great Mexican restaurant, if it is good usually everything else is good too. Their Carnitas are  OUTSTANDING!

The Lengua tacos are the best I have had in 25 years and certainly the best I have had east of California and North of Durango; Nobody in the Metro does it better!!!

The guacamole is excellent, fresh and appropriately chunky. I actually prefer a little more textural variety and complex flavor in mine; however; that is purely personal preference.

If you can’t tell, I LOVE THIS DIVE! The food is OUTSTANDING, the service is fast and the friendly face of Jesus, Maria and his sister Zumela are comforting and inviting. They will do for you what ever you ask and do it with a smile. Quantifying this is simple, Food is 5 points! Service is 5 points! Atmosphere, remember we are talking dives here, not fine dining sit down eateries, is 5 points! The restrooms are ok, 3.5 points; Ray Kroc would require genuine improvement in this area, but hey, this thankfully ain’t McDonalds! Cumulative total 5 Stars!!!

If GREAT REAL MEXICAN FOOD is you passion you need to RUN don’t walk to Perches, just don’t do it on a Monday for they are closed for rest and rejuvenation.

Jeff's Tacos

Jeff Widmeyer:
Food-5 Stars: Taco Tuesday! One of the best values in town.  99c for a homemade taco with your choice of delicious meat.  To be fair, I had 3!  1 Barbados, 1 Carnita, 1 Discard (pulled pork, shredded beef, and mixed meat with chorizzo).   All were great; I only had cheese as my topping, no cilantro or onions.  Plus Jesus brought us a delicious serving of chips and salsa.
Service-5 Stars: Family owned and 99% ran by. Jesus, his sister Zeluma, and mom are always there.  You just need to make eye contact and they are right there to assist or just to talk and they are on a first name basis with a lot of regulars.  You can tell they are not working for a tip but instead more of a friendship.
Atmosphere-4 Stars: Mexican music blaring, piñatas hanging everywhere, Mexican items for sale and tons of family pictures up to share.  But you just can’t hide those subway yellow walls framing it all in. Overall a great experience for anyone anytime.

Wall Menu

Hot Peppers

More Mexican Goodies



8 responses to “Tortilleria Perches

  • Sabrina west

    I am running!!! Photos tell it all. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the review. Anytime you need an expert opinion on food call me and I’ll write a review if your buying!! He he…

  • Chris Day

    I have been coming to this restaurant/shop since they opened. I have always had great experiences, and I LOVE their food! I recommend to anyone.

  • Lisa Vogel

    Isn’t my cousin Jeff cute? Oh I’m sorry – fish tacos sound great

  • Jerry & Nancy Reveal

    Thanks for the info. Have been to a number of these and return. But, don’t know many of them. Definitely will try. One questionable; “Coyote’s Adobe”. The only time I went there, dis-enjoyed buffet, tasted old, got sick for the rest of the day. Haven’t returned.

    With appreciation, Jerry

  • Steve

    Your photos are making me hungry again, and I just ate here yesterday. This is my absolute favorite place to eat in Springfield, and I agree with your glowing reviews.

    Here are some other menu items I’d highly recommend:
    Torta (sandwich) especially with carnitas – simple and awesome

    Nopales dinner (pork/cactus) available on Wednesdays as a special

    Barbacoa burrito smothered in queso — it is just unbelievable how much high quality meat is stuffed into each of their burritos

    Chilaquiles with 2 beautiful sunny side up eggs on top

    Rice and beans are outstanding. Combine a little queso with your rice. Thank me later.

    By the way, they are doing menu service now!

  • A fun local blog to follow… | fellersfoodservice

    […] While there I notice they had a link to a review from this new blog Springfield Diners and Dives…. […]


    Thanks for finding us. We have several more to get through but its a fun process. Chris

  • Patrick B

    I meant Jesus, not Umberto, Jesus.

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