Who Are We?

The Judges

Growing up locally in Nixa, Chris has seen his fair share of restaurants come and go over the years.  However, some have really stood the test of time.  As a SELF PROCLAIMED backyard BBQ’ing, campfire cookin’, mix it up in the kitchen type chef who loves a good greasy spoon and trying new things, he is looking forward to determining Springfield’s top choice for Diner or Dive.  By day, he works as the Marketing Director for Hogan Land Title Company and is a husband and father of two wonderful girls.

Kent is the Vice President of Heartland Bank Mortgage in Springfield and is happily married to Deanna for 25 years and father of two beautiful teenage girls! He is an avid “Foodie”, Pseudo-Gourmet and lover of all things adventurous!  He has been a resident of Springfield for 18 years and has adopted it as HOME!  He has seen Springfield diversify dramatically in that time.  He was born in Pittsburg Kansas, raised in East Los Angeles and has traveled extensively around the country and the world so his experiences adds a diversified flavor to our team of experts.
As lifelong Springfield resident who is celebrating 20 years marriage this April, Jeff also has two boys, 8th grade and 4th grade who love to eat. Feeding a growing family of four with good food at a fair price is a part-time job!  Jeff and his family frequent Springfield restaurants regularly and always check out the new places in town.  Jeff  is the Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer at Heartland Bank.  He has been helping people get a home loan for over 14 years.


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